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Collecting DNA is very simple:

1. We'll meet and discuss exactly what DNA banking is and how it can benefit your family. 

2. We'll review the consent form and provide you with package information. 

3. Once the consent form is signed, we'll collect the sample. 

4. We'll send your DNA samples to the laboratory which will be returned to you within 2-3 weeks after the sample has been received. 

DNA preservation can take place at anytime. Once a loved one has passed away, the above steps can still be taken to ensure that your DNA is collected and preserved. If embalming or cremation is to take place, we ask that you allow us to collect our sample first. If your loved one has already been embalmed, we can still collect a sample, but again, please contact us. 

Why is DNA preservation important?

DNA contains valuable information about a family's health risks, medical conditions and ancestry. By preserving DNA, you are ensuring that this precious information is readily accessible to future generations. With rapid advances in genetic testing, genetics will play an increasingly important role in understanding a family's disease risks, allowing families to be proactive in managing their health. 

How can banked DNA be used in the future?

DNA can be used for a wide range of genetic testing applications including disease testing, health risk analysis, identity testing and ancestry testing. With rapid advances in genetic testing technology, the number of diseases that can be identified through genetic testing is steadily increasing.

How can DNA banking benefit the health of my children and future generations?

A large number of serious diseases can be traced to our genetic makeup. Having a clear picture of a family's genetic history can assist future generations in understanding their health risks and allows them to take preventative measures early to mitigate the devastating effects of disease before its too late.

Who has control over the DNA sample? Is my information kept private?

You have complete control over your banked DNA. SecuriGene extracts, purifies and preserves your DNA at our laboratory, then sends the banked DNA back to you for safekeeping. Your privacy is very important to us - we do not keep any of your DNA on site nor do we share your private information with any third parties. 

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