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The Carpenters Greatest Hits 320 Kbps No 1023




Category:American pop music groups Category:Arista Records artists Category:Musical groups from Los Angeles Category:Musical groups established in 1969 Category:1969 establishments in CaliforniaQ: R - make a sequence of column names to their corresponding rows I'm trying to make this logic in R I have a dataframe like this names = c("John","James","Abel") s = c(1,2,3) m = c(4,5,6) f = c(7,8,9) data.frame(names,s,m,f) It is like names s m f 1 John 1 4 7 2 James 2 5 8 3 Abel 3 6 9 I want to create a dataframe like John James Abel 1 1 2 3 Note that I don't want to use the dataframe.table function, as it is not efficient. Thank you. A: We can use table function by specifying the row.names cbind(names[1], table(as.character(names))) If we need to retain the row.names, then the option is to convert it to a list, specify the rownames of the original dataset and convert it back to 'data.frame'. cbind(names[1], table(as.character(names)))[rownames(df1),] # John James Abel #1 1 2 3 Or using tidyverse, gather library(tidyverse) gather(df1, names, values, -c(names)) # names values #1 John 1 #2 James 2 #3 Abel 3 Plastic Do I look like a lawyer? You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Answer Definitely. There are some very common stereotypes that come with being a lawyer. From the time you leave your job and get a day off,




The Carpenters Greatest Hits 320 Kbps No 1023

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