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Four years ago, if you would have told me that we would be running our own organization, helped hundreds of families, organized fundraisers and events, and be able to freely share our story with minimal tears...I would have told you that you were I N S A N E.

Our journey through grief has been one of the most rewarding. After Brantley's loss, I didn't think I would ever be able to talk with other families about their loss, let a lone talk about mine. But, here we are. Sharing our story with the entire WORLD. I know that I have Brantley to thank for this. He has given us so much strength. Thanks to him, we have been connected to some of the most amazing families and had the privilege of hearing the stories of his angel friends. We've been there for births, held the hands of momma's as they wept, hugged the dads that just couldn't form the words, talked to the siblings about their beautiful brother and/or sister, and proudly listened to the grandparents speak about all of their grand babies,

It has been a privilege, no, it has been a honor to be part of the loss community. For anyone who has lost a child, please know that our hearts are with you, now and forever. Know that we are always here and want to hear your story, see your beautiful child's photos, be the shoulder to cry on, and the arms to hold you up. We will be your strength until yours returns again.

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