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What is a Caring Cradle?

The Caring Cradle is a device that allows a dignified means for parents and families to spend more time with a baby who has passed.

This support tool is for any family whose baby has died. In the past families were limited to morgue visits, packing a infant in ice, turning the temperature down in rooms and other antiquated means born out of necessity. Comfort Innovations is dedicated to providing families with a tool to allow an appropriate atmosphere to say goodbye to their baby. 

Comfort Innovations, LLC has crafted a new unit that will give families additional time with their child. The Caring Cradle is an all inclusive unit with continuous operation and low energy consumption. This unit maintains 47 degrees Fahrenheit consistently and has a US Standard Cord with international adapter. The unit is constructed for easy sanitation and no harmful chemicals are needed to operate (environmentally sage coolant is used). The unit comes with an 18 month manufacturer warranty and is competitively priced  with a discount available for those organizations who are 501(c)(3) certified. 

The best part? It is designed and manufactured right here in the 

United States of America

Taken directly from the Caring Cradle website at:

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